Our Vision & History

Evangelism Flying Discs –

A real Fun Toy with a real Serious Purpose.


This ministry exists to help the Christian community to intentionally and creatively share the Gospel in leisure settings.


We desire to help students to share the Gospel by providing a high quality resource, “The Slip Disc,” that can be used in a non-confrontational way to point people to Christ.

How It All Began


Spring Break, 1987


While serving as the Youth Minister at FBC Harlingen, Tx., I had been asked to provide a breakfast devotion for some Christian college students. These students were giving up their free time in order to do beach outreach at South Padre Island, Tx. After the devotion, I decided to follow a couple of the students down to the beach to see if they were actually going to share their faith. From my days in college, I could remember how difficult a task it was.


The students, as I recall, had a piece of paper that they were handing out that had been printed with some Bible verses and witnessing information. Now, I can’t tell you if this paper was thrown down or if it was blown by the wind, but when the students went to give it to two unsuspecting spring breakers, the paper fell to the ground.


At that instant, a thought ran through my mind that I still remember as clear as that day, Why couldn’t you use the frisbee to share Jesus?


Paper tracts seemed so out of place in a beach setting, so, it sounded logical. Why not use the #1 beach toy to, in some way, communicate to students and families that God loves them.


Looking back, I realize that God used that experience to begin fulfilling in me a special desire I had, which was to be more effective in my daily walk and witness for Him. Since I had a lot of frisbee throwing skills, having a flying disc that told of his love allowed me to make a natural transition from throwing to sharing.


For nearly two years, I did little more than daydream about the idea. I usually rationalized that it would cost too much to get it started or that I didn’t have the knowledge or time. Yet, deep down in my heart I knew that someday it would happen..some day God would glorify Himself through this simple little toy.


That “someday” came in January of 1990 after about a year of praying, dreaming, and design. Though the ministry officially began in January, our first flying disc product was not available until March. Since that first month of operation, over 500,000 flying discs have been shared in Bible schools, beach outreach, youth group meetings, etc., by churches and ministries in over 73 foreign countries and most of the United States.


In November of 2001 my wife and I became devoted full time to sharing the ministry of the Slip Disc around the world and in December of 2005, we relocated the ministry to Beebe, Arkansas.


Jackie Gibbs, Founder of Slip Disc Ministries

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