Read how these little toys are touching lives in a big way.

The Slip Discs were a hit!


One day one of the guys from our group even “preached” the gospel message right off the disc at a church service and over 15 people probably accepted Christ right then and there. We handed out the discs after that and showed them how to toss them. We gave them to some of the kids ahead of time and to add flavor to the service, one came flying through a window in the middle of the service.


Rwanda PEACE team, Saddleback Church, California

We live in Poltava, Ukraine for three months of the year, and we found out about and started using the Slip Disc last summer.


We love them and use them in one way or another almost everyday. The neighborhood we live in has about 25,000 people in it. One day as I was walking home from the store, I saw a mom with one of the Slip Discs we had given her child sometime earlier at a backyard bible school or something, she was reading it as her child played in the playground of the apartment building.


That’s when I realized that these little discs with the gospel on them are at work all the time, even long after we are back in the United States. ¬†Every person who picks up one has the opportunity to hear and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.


What a tool, I only wish we had room to take more. God bless ya’ll and thanks for all your work.



I wanted to let you know that the Portuguese discs we took with us to Brazil were a huge hit.


The children had never seen frisbees before and the missionaries we worked with loved them too. Your ministry is touching so many lives. God Bless.


Paula Potter, Holladay Baptist Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

This past trip, we were very intentional in how we used the Slip Discs.


We had string bags made up, which included a Bible, your Slip Disc, and some dental supplies. We gave all our team members a bag and ventured out into an area in southern Belize City called Rootsville for good ‘ol fashioned street evangelism.


The thing I wanted you to know is that your discs were the #1 most effective tool that our team used. There were mulitple stories on a few different days about how newer team members who weren’t entirely comfortable on how to share the gospel utilized the disc and it was the basis for how at least a few kids and one adult decided to invite Christ into their hearts.


Tony Luparello, Co-Founder of HopeForBelize.Org

A word from someone who received a Slip Disc at a rock concert…


I just wanted to let you guys know that I caught one of your discs at Bonaroo, a music festival in Tennessee, in June 2002. I read the message on the back and was baffled at the fact that Christians were coming to Bonaroo and spreading the gospel. For four years I lived in the flesh, continuing in sin. But, finally in the spring of 2006 I asked God to forgive me for my sins and was saved. God and myself commend your couragious efforts. Thank you and God speed! P.S. I still have the disc.



I just wanted to share with you all about our 7th and 8th graders mision trip to Atlanta.


Twenty students and six adults worked with inter-city children at two separate apartment complexes. They did a form of VBS. There were about 50 children participating. Our students did a concert and ice cream party at each of the apartment complexes on two separate evenings.


At the conclusion of these concerts they handed out the Slip Disc that we had ordered from you all. There were 26 decisions for Christ! Only two of those decisions were not a result of questions from the slip disc distribution. AWESOME witnessing tool. Our 7th and 8th graders came home with a renewed excitement and have grown in their Christian walk as a result of your witnessing tool! Praise God for your ministry!


Donna Calvert, First Baptist Church Decatur, Alabama

About two months after we gave out the Slip Discs, a woman stopped our pastor in the store and told him how she was saved.


Her grandson brought the disc to her house and she got to reading the inside and the next Sunday she went to church with her son and was saved. She has used the disc to share the word with others and two more families have come to know Christ. They do not come to our church, but that does not matter. So, keep up the good work.


John Brown, Immanuel Baptist Church, Clinton, NC



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