Custom Slip Disc


Customize the front (top) of the flying disc with your own logo!

Click on an image to the left to see an enlarged version of the discs and sample customizations!


Logo Art:

300 dpi resolution preferred. Illustrator eps, jpg, tiff or pdf preferred (but we will do our best to work with what you have)

Gospel Message: *

Select a Gospel Message. To view available message, please see our Evangelism Flying Discs page.

Call 800-438-1026 to order custom discs without a message.

Message Language: *

Not all messages are available in all languages. Please see the list of available languages for each message in the product description at the bottom of the page.


All orders will come with a mixture of colors unless specified in comments below.

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With your custom artwork on top & your choice of Gospel message on the underside, this high quality flying disc is perfect for Evangelism, VBS,  kids and youth events, block parties, fall festivals, mission trips and more.


  • Target Audience: All Ages
  • Actual Decal Size: 6.25″ Diameter
  • Full Flying Disc Size: 9″ Diameter


Turn-around time: Less than 10 days 



Quantity discounts are based on the total number of Slip Discs ordered.

Custom Logo + Message (Choose one or a mix of our standard messages)

  • 100 – 199 > $2.25 each
  • 200 -499 > $2.15 each
  • 500 – 2499 > $2.05 each
  • 2500+ > $1.95 each

Custom Logo + No Message  (ordered by phone only 800-438-1026)

  • 100 – 199 > $2.05 each
  • 200 – 499 > $1.95 each
  • 500 – 2499 > $1.85 each
  • 2500+ > 1.80 each

If you would prefer your own custom message, call for a quote 800-438-1026



Available Colors

Blue Green Yellow Red


Order are fulfilled with a mix-and-match of all available disc colors, unless otherwise specified in the order comments. We will do our best to honor color preferences whenever possible.



Available Languages

  • Original Message: English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, French, Czech Republic, Swahili
  • Greatest Gift Message: English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Cebu Phillipines, Haitian Creole
  • ABC’s of Salvation: English, Spanish, Haitian Creole
  • Color-Me Message: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, French, Mayan, Bulgarian, Kurmanji, Polish, Latvian, Ukranian
  • Wordless Stars (no words – can be used anywhere you have a translator)

Additional information

Weight 0.28 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in