Patriotic Flag Disc


These are high quality discs designed specifically for your Halloween alternative emphasis! Give a fun toy and present the Gospel over and over again as children and adults of all ages enjoy throwing this frisbee back and forth!



Prices starting as LOW as $2.85 in quantity!
Quantity discounts are based on the total number of Slip Discs ordered. 

5 – 24 = $3.50 each     25 – 99 = $3.40 each    100-299=$3.25 each    300 – 499=$3.15 each

500 – 2499 = $3.05 each    2500+ = $2.85 each

You will have hours of rewarding fun presenting the gospel with this  great looking, high quality,  flying disc while demonstrating a patriotic spirit! Our flag discs come in blue and red although you may request a larger variety of colors depending on availability. The underneath label with the clear presentation of the Gospel message provides an easy way for anyone to transition into a Gospel conversation. For those occasions when time or circumstance does not allow for a conversation, just give the frisbee as a gift that will certainly be read over and over again.

All discs come standard with the SLIP DISC Flag logo on the front. We also offer discs customized with your own logo art

  • Target Audience: Children/Youth / Adults
  • Actual Decal Size: 6.25″ Diameter
  • Full Flying Disc Size: 9″ Diameter

Additional information

Weight .28 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in


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